Emergency Safety Guidelines

As our country continues to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic, we at MK Gas have taken measures to help ensure the safety of our employees as well as our customers.  For the duration of the pandemic, we will follow the guidelines below as well as the most up-to-date guidelines as communicated from the government and regulatory agencies.  We ask that all of our customers follow the Customer Safety Guidelines to the best of their abilities.




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Transportation Overview

In today’s dynamic marketplace, energy producers, suppliers, and distributors must rely on logistics and transportation experience to make sure products are delivered safely and on time. For over a decade, MK Gas Co. has been providing the industry with economical and reliable transportation solutions to all the major gas plays in the United States. We understand that each of our customer’s transportation demands are unique, which is why our operations focus solely on tailoring our product when you need it. Our dispatch and drivers know that they are the link to making your product chain flow.


Our Drivers

Our service boasts one unique feature, people. Throughout the history and growth of MK Gas Co. we have maintained the belief that it is the people that make our service safe and reliable. We execute this principle initially with stringent internal and federal hiring guidelines, making sure our drivers have met the training and certification requirements of the Texas Railroad Commission. Secondly, we have an extended training period that tests whether or not a driver can implement our integrated safety procedures and can be a part of a team who understands the importance of meeting our customer’s demands. Once a driver becomes part of our transportation team, we assist in alleviating complacency of duty by requiring daily feedback of safety procedures followed on every load, as well as operation feedback to reduce inefficiencies of time or equipment. These procedures have resulted in a team of transportation drivers who collectively have more experience in safely delivering product than other companies in the industry. Additionally, by keeping drivers through good employment practices, our team has pride in servicing the customers they have grown to know.


Safety and Dependability

Our dedicated transportation team is made up of a team of specially-trained drivers who operate locally, regionally and nationally. Because we hire and train our own drivers, there is no middle-man company.

Our entire fleet is equipped with on board communication and load tracking technology. This provides us up to the minute information on tracking your delivery as well as allows for constant communication with our drivers for dispatching and directions.



MK Gas Co.’s dedicated transportation team provides turn-key solutions for companies who desire to replace, create, or supplement an existing fleet. In doing so, we can handle the billing, payroll, scheduling, and compliance requirements freeing up your time to focus on other business functions.


Unparalleled transportation services for natural gas liquids.

Shale gas plays throughout the United States have placed a large demand on transporting high pressure Natural Gas Liquids as well as lower pressure Y-Grade and Condensate liquids using hard and soft shell tanker units. MK Gas Co. has had an integral role in meeting these nation-wide demands by adapting to the logistic and communication challenges inherent to the business.

A supply source is only good as the pipeline to get it there. MK Gas Co. uses the highway as its pipeline and our fleet and flexible capacity means reliable deliveries from any type of pickup origin to your delivery location, be it refinery, rail transload, or bulk storage. Our dedicated transportation team is made up of specially-trained drivers who operate locally, regionally, and nationally. Because we hire and train our own drivers, there is no middle-man in the transportation side of product supply. This has proven to ensure the most economical and reliable transportation solution in the industry.


Highway Pipeline for the Country’s Most Diverse Fuel

MK Gas Co. has over a decade, combined with an inherited company legacy of over 50 years, of experience transporting propane. This has led to an extensive network of experienced drivers, modern equipment, and industry relationships. These combined place MK Gas Co. as one of the leading propane transporters and suppliers in the southwest.

We transport propane, butane and anhydrous ammonia year round, while also maintaining a large driver base to keep up with seasonal demands. We offer the delivery-sensitive customer the right combination of on-time service, competitive rates and a range of trailer combinations for maximum efficiency. We are committed to high customer satisfaction when developing tailored logistics programs that meet the specific needs of each customer.