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NGL Transportation

Unparalleled transportation services for natural gas liquids

Shale gas plays throughout the United States have placed a large demand on transporting high pressure Natural Gas Liquids as well as lower pressure Y-Grade and Condensate liquids using hard and soft shell tanker units. MK Gas Co. has had an integral role in meeting these nation-wide demands by adapting to the logistic and communication challenges inherent to the business.

A supply source is only good as the pipeline to get it there. MK Gas Co. uses the highway as its pipeline and our fleet and flexible capacity means reliable deliveries from any type of pickup origin to your delivery location, be it refinery, rail transload, or bulk storage. Our dedicated transportation team is made up of specially-trained drivers who operate locally, regionally, and nationally. Because we hire and train our own drivers, there is no middle-man in the transportation side of product supply. This has proven to ensure the most economical and reliable transportation solution in the industry.

MK Gas Co. NGL Transportation