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Commercial Heating

These days we have a much greater emphasis on turning towards cleaner, more efficient energy sources to run our businesses. Propane is an excellent solution to achieve this goal and MK Gas Co. is your source for energy efficiency and cost-effective heating solutions. We provide you with the propane you need to meet the demands of your commercial or industrial business.

  • Large scale industrial heating applications require safe and precision plumbing in order to conform to NFPA 54 and gas authority requirements.

  • After evaluating the needs of your heating application, MK Gas Co. can quickly determine the size of the energy source needed to fuel your heating demands at during peak usage.

  • Inside heating demands differ for each application. Our experience can help you decide how to most efficiently heat your buildings. Once a plan is established, our multiple supply points allow us to get equipment quickly so installation gets started and finished sooner.

  • Permitting and inspections can be tedious and complicated depending on site locations. Our multistate experience cuts through the time needed to get you up and running.
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