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Tank, Silo, & Industrial Painting

Protecting your investment

MK Gas Co. is a full-service professional industrial and commercial painting contractor dedicated to preserving the life of your physical assets with high quality paints and durable, long-lasting industrial and commercial surface coatings. Weather and corrosion pose a huge threat to unprotected equipment which could result in costly replacements and downtime. Ultimately, proper painting and coating it is one of the most cost effective ways to protect your investment, improve operational efficiency, and maintain operational uptime.

Whether completing emergency repairs or a major project, industrial operations require a contractor who gets the job done quickly and at a competitive price while causing minimal disruption to on-going facility operation. Moreover, work in most facilities requires a contractor who responds quickly and innovatively to unforeseen problems and roadblocks. At MK Gas Co. we take pride in on our ability to deliver quality service that addresses both of these needs.

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