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Propane Supply

More Supply Points Means You Win

Buying your gas through MK Gas Co. does not mean you are bound to any one gas producer and therefore subject to product availability or quality issues. By having established supply contracts with producers throughout the southwest we are able to make sure our customers always have gas during peak demand times while taking advantage of geographically close supply point during off peak supply demands.

Supply Points

Experience has taught us that no supply point should be solely relied upon for product at any given point in time. To hedge this, we have set up a network that keeps our units relatively close to all propane fractionation points in the south west United States. In the instance of lack of availability at the closest supply points, transport units are dispatched to the next closest point from their relative location. Having truck hubs close to these points significantly reduces the time needed to assure delivery to your bulk storage.

Supply Map

MK Gas Co. Supply Map