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Propane Safety

Integrated Safety

We believe that safety is only as good as the process that creates safe actions. MK Gas Co. implements it’s safety policy as set forth by national transportation standards, gas industry rules and regulations, as well internal guidelines forged from a decade of experienced deliveries. MK Gas Co. begins integrating it’s safety into our policies and daily operations through strictly adhering to industry licensing and permitting standards. Beyond this, we maintain a program of internal documented hands on testing that further integrates industry rules and regulations into every-day work practices. Our experience has assisted us in creating operational procedures that provide our drivers with the knowledge to respect the product they deliver and confidence to recognize and report potential hazards.

Our Record

Our safety record speaks for itself. MK Gas Co. has never had an accident resulting in loss of product. Our proactive approach to safety has worked and continues to be the core of our operations. We have been instrumental in making sure that bulk storage facilities we service not only adhere to Texas Railroad Commission and NFPA 58 standards but have also monitored and implemented internal inspections on these facilities for operations safety. Our experience in commercial bulk storage operations and installations coupled with our in house training on such storages provides our drivers with the tools to recognize potential hazards before they happen.

Our System

MK Gas Co. actively integrates safety procedures into every step of of the propane delivery process. Beyond standardized ‘Pre-Op’ and ‘Post-Op’ inspections, we require drivers to adhere to procedures that we have found insures consistent safe delivery. Additionally, the emergency procedures needed in the instance of an accident are readily located on the unit for execution.