Emergency Safety Guidelines

As our country continues to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic, we at MK Gas have taken measures to help ensure the safety of our employees as well as our customers.  For the duration of the pandemic, we will follow the guidelines below as well as the most up-to-date guidelines as communicated from the government and regulatory agencies.  We ask that all of our customers follow the Customer Safety Guidelines to the best of their abilities.




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The MK Gas Difference


Service and Safety: Our Two Non-negotiables.

When you order from MK Gas Co. you won’t get excuses. You’ll get product and service when you need it, whether it’s peak demand season, or the weather is throwing its worst at the roads. Our delivery fleet makes MK Gas Co.’s Customers its first priority, and the drivers are well-trained in safety and product knowledge. To them, “on-time” never means “un-safe.” No exceptions, no compromises. They’re consummate professionals, paired with the most modern and dependable transport equipment in the industry. Plus, their years serving MK Gas Co. has led to a familiarity with each of our customers’ storage plants and individual requirements. The entire MK Gas Co. delivery process is the smoothest, safest, and most reliable anywhere.
Service and Safety: Our Two Non-negotiables.



Service and Safety: Our Two Non-negotiables.MK Gas Co. is a member of and adheres to the specifications of the following organizations.



Success Through Service

MK Gas Co. continues to grow and thrive as one of the few independent, family-owned liquids transportation and propane and fuel wholesalers in the industry. Each and every customer is important to our people. We are extremely thankful for the contribution and trust of those original customers, and the new customers that partner with us each year. The growth and prosperity of each of our customers has played a very important role in our continued growth. Our values of “commitment to the customer” and “personal service” endure from those early years. We put our hearts into taking care of business for you every day!


Our Personal Service Boasts One Unique Feature: People

We’re one firm accountable, which means from the sale through the delivery, you’re dealing with the same outfit from the time you pick up the phone until the propane is in your tank. Our attention to detail and to you means you’ll talk to someone who is on top of things and can give you help. It’s called personal service, without corporate layers and, most importantly: the dreaded electronic voice mail. You can be sure you’ll be talking to real people when you call MK Gas Co. So, you can promise your customers more, knowing we’ll be there to back you up.




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